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The War Fortress
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What's New?
· June 22, 2000: I've made a few more updates, and have changed the appearance of the front page dramatically. Most notable is the addition of a Boshniggy mon and link, courtesy of Chris Burns. Click the mon to visit his page and learn the power of the Burden of the Dog!
· June 07, 2000: Not much to report in this update. Mostly I've added a couple decks, some tournament reports, and have begun to flesh out the sections of the War Fortress that have long remained near-empty.

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War Fortress of the Crab

     The mighty clan of the Crab has again returned to its position as the Empire's shield and bulwark against the Shadowlands. Its champion, Hida Yakamo, has been returned to the land of the living by the enigmatic snakelike Naga, and the lost Citadel of the Hiruma family has been reclaimed from the Shadowlands. Now the Crab turn their attention towards Shadows, and mysterious occurances in the night sky...

crabJune 22, 2000            

WotC to take over L5R CCG!
IMPORTANT! Everybody read THIS right away! It seems that after Gold edition, L5R will be completely controlled by the same people who took and destroyed magic, and put out Pokemon in the US...I fear for the future, and you should as well.

Yogo Ono tracks the Koteis
Go here for Yogo Ono-sama's in-depth tracking of the top 4 at each Kotei tournament, including a "points system" to determine the strength of each clan compared to the others and based on factors like placing and attendance. It's an excellent feature, and creates a very interesting picture of the game right now.

Updates and Additions
I've had some trouble getting files to upload, but have completed more work on the fortress. The spoilers for the "Clan War" era of the CCG are up (most of them, anyway). I've added more Decks to the Deck Archive, and have updated and expanded the Links page. That's all for now.

crabJune 15, 2000            

Tournament Reports Added
I added a great deal of tournament reports to the tourney report page today, chronicalling the latest round of Kotei Emperor tournaments. I just want to congratulate the Massachusetts players again for our impressive presence at the New York Kotei, and especially to Marty Lund and Aaron Medwin who finished first and second, respectively. Way to go, guys!

crabJune 07, 2000            

War Fortress Updated!
I apologize for the extremely long absence (again...), but I've been through a lot in the last year or so and haven't had the time or steady internet access to update the site. I moved out of my house in August and have yet to get a computer and net access there, so I can't promise frequent updates. I will however attempt to keep the place up better than I have in the past.

On a personal aside, I'd like to thank the many loyal Crabs and other visitors who have kept the place alive since I was last updating! The Crab message board is still active, and the Crab Clan Mailing List is one of the most active clan lists. Most sites die off after lying abandoned for as long a time as this, but thanks to you guys, there always has been and still is a reason to visit the War Fortress. Thanks again!

As far as Crab strategy is concerned, I'm a bit out of the loop right now. Last year I spent a lot of time and effort on Monk, which went largely to waste with the advent of Sun in Shadow (cost me a tournament) and Doom of the Brotherhood. I stopped playing altogether in the fall and through the winter, but have however returned to the game with renewed interest and am playing Naga almost exclusively right now. I'm still a Crab at heart, though, and will never completely abandon the clan...and hey, the Naga are our allies, so I'm still helping out. :)

-"Hida" John Brouillet, Retired Crab Clan Tactician
Will join the Naga for 2 less gold

Massachusetts L5R
Gardner, Massachusetts is where I live and play L5R. We don't have a local-local webpage, but our comrades in Boston (who frequent our tournaments) have the next best thing. The Paper Tiger is a cool site that covers lots of events and personas around here, so I just wanted to give them a shout-out and a link.

Kotei News
Kotei season is upon us, and I wish the best of luck to all our Crabs out there! We've got to be realistic in our expectations, but there's no reason a good Crab player running a good Crab deck can't win a Kotei. The obvious favorites right now are Phoenix and Unicorn; thus far the Kotei scoreboard, to the extent of my knowledge, looks like this:

Phoenix - 3 (Toronto, France, Netherlands)
Lion - 1 (Los Angeles)
Crane - 1 (Australia)

I know there have been other Koteis held, so if anyone finds results I've missed please e-mail me.

L5R Code: L5R(2.2) CB++/NG++ S++ G++ Y+ P:M+/H-/D-/4/O+/EJ-/SJ+ I-- Sc(78) C+ E++ !M T+ S-- D++ K H-- Tk! !IC U++

This page created and maintained by Hida John.
War Fortress graphic by Robert Barr, aka DarkIsawa.

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